Online parking daily rate payment portal is now available via this website.
Parking Daily Student Rate $4 May2020

Parking Daily Student Rate $4 May2020

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Pay ahead your parking daily student rate of $4 for the number of weekdays by choosing from the dropdown selection.  Date range should match amount paid.  Payment online is non-refundable. Print your invoice order payment, then remove personal information and place on vehicle dashboard.  Also, show to the Cashier with your student UCSF badge/ID upon exiting our parking garage.  Your payment order# must be clear and visibleThank you.  For inquiries, phone# 415-476-1511, Mission Bay office.


If you are paying more than five days, you can choose 1 day rate. On CHECK OUT screen, click upward arrow under QUANTITY to increase the # of weekdays that you work.

Then click UPDATE at the bottom, review quantity for the # of weekdays with the date range that you are paying, before you click CHECK OUT to proceed and process your card payment.